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Please fill out this form to tell us about your sailing experience. This will give us more information to determine your ability to safely captain a vessel in Maine waters. Browse the Charter page of our website and choose from our fleet, your first and second choices for your charter along with your first and second preferences for charter weeks. After submitting this form, we will review it and send a contract via email. A 50 % security deposit is required to secure a time slot for your charter. Payment of charter deposits can be made on our site via secure PayPal transaction or, if you prefer, can be sent along with your signed contract.

Two weeks prior to your charter we will send you a packet of pertinent information about your charter, boarding times and information about areas of interest locally. We will return the security deposit within two weeks of the conclusion of your charter. Cancellation of charters must be submitted in writing at least three months prior to departure, and a cancellation fee of $150 will be charged. Cancellations less that three months prior to departure must also be submitted in writing, the deposit and or balance will be returned only if a replacement charter can be found for those specific dates.

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